Weighing Pigs

As fair season begins to creep closer here are a couple suggestions we have. First make sure your weighing your pigs. We weigh each Saturday and calculate our averages and our projected target weight based on how many days we have left until our show. As we get closer we weigh everyday. Example:

Pig weight on 6/1/19 weight on 6/8/19 days until fair average daily gain

Faith 188 202 35 2.0 lbs

Based on average daily gain of 2.0 lbs and 35 days until weigh in we can estimate that Faith will gain 70 lbs. Which will make her approximate weight 272 lbs.

After weighing then look at what your feed rations are for each pig and make adjustments as needed. As always contact any of us for suggestions on feed. If you are feeding a conventional lower protein feed I suggest switching to a show feed at this point and making adjustments as needed.

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