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Weighing Pigs

As fair season begins to creep closer here are a couple suggestions we have. First make sure your weighing your pigs. We weigh each Saturday and calculate our averages and our projected target weight based on how many days we have left until our show. As we get closer we weigh everyday. Example: Pig weight…

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Changing Weather and What to look for

This drastic change in the weather can be problematic for animals. Here are some signs to look for if your pigs are not feeling well. Deep coughing, runny noses, body is hunched, thumping chest or caved in side, tail down, laying off by themselves. Best advice I can give people when you see this is…

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Here we go 2019

Happy New Year!!! The farrowing house is filling up with sows and gilts and we anxiously anticipating the new arrivals. Yesterday we loaded probably the best Yorkshire female into a crate that we have ever raised. This was my nephew Nolan’s gilt that he was going to show at the MLE last year. She injured…

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Mike’s Show Clinic

We will be hosting a show clinic for all our customers on Saturday, May 12th from 12:00pm-2:00pm at our sale barn. The clinic will cover the following topics. Please RSVP to Jody by May 5th at arbuckleshowpigs@gmail.com or Mike at mike.arbuckle@grasslakeschools.com Cost: Animal Health – Dr. Anthony Klingler and Dr. Duane Trupiano from Concord Veterinary…

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Gotta love our Michigan weather

Winter is surely holding on which can be hard on our young animals. Here are some tips as we continue this cold weather.Pigs will need a warm place to sleep that is draft free, has heat lamp, and deep warm bedding. This is essential for the health of your pigs. Pigs that are cold will…

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Spring sales are quickly approaching. Sale dates are March 24th and April 7th this year. Barn will open at 10:00am and the first bid board will close at 12:30pm. If you want to schedule a time to come view the pigs before the sale give Mike a call or text at 517-581-2445 or Adam at…

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Landrace Time

We started making a name for ourselves in the Landrace breed back in 2015. Carter’s Reserve Champion at the MLE and Reserve Champion at the Eastern Regional along with Nolan’s 3rd Overall Bred and Owned in Louisville were bred to Hammer Down at Upperhand Genetics. These little rascals are impressive and we can’t wait to…

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Duroc litters are on the way

We loaded Carter’s Champion Purebred gilt and 4th overall from the MI Pigs Jackpot show last year into the crate last night. She is bred to Attention the popular 190,000 boar at Upperhand Genetics. We also loaded Carter’s Champion Homegrown Duroc from 2016, she is also bred to Attention. She is one incredible female and…

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